Morfik Patents AJAX compiler

Just saw this post at slashdot . From all I understood about reading through the whole text , It converts code written in any language to another format( Let us ignore that it is Javascript for a moment here ) and the fact that it is now becomes executable in browser . Doesn’t that make it a compiler of some sort . and here I was thinking you cant patent something like a compiler unless you are essentialy demonstrating a significant application. I guess I was wrong.

Things like Google Web Toolkit was around since 2006 , But on further read the interesting note is
“This application relates to U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/714,285 filed on Sep. 6, 2005 entitled SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SYNTHESIZING OBJECT-ORIENTED CODE INTO BROWSER-SIDE JAVASCRIPT.””

Does this bring a leagal question over all AJAX based platforms ? Anyway looks like Morfil Legal team is already in action

Well I was waiting for the days when the whole Rules Editor in Biztalk would be available over AJAX like front ends for business users. Ah looks like I will need to wait a little while longer..


~ by abhilashms on April 3, 2007.

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