MVP Summit 2007 Day -1

Had a real scare in the morning . I had my flight at 9:55 in the morning . at 8 in the morning I realize it is the new US DST switch today ( It used to be first sunday in April , now it is second sunday in March ) . Luckily Bini has all my bags packed . I got into the first pair of jeans and was rushing to the airport at a normal speed limit . Almost got pulled over by a cop šŸ™‚ .
Flight was on time but since I did not have any big bags and corning being a smalll town was able to board the plane . There was some problem in my connection in Detroit. They made us change planes and got here in the evening . Cheked into the Renaissance , met a few Polish MVP’s and then hit the Party with Palermo . The party was at jilliansbilliards a nice place to hang out . I met Jim Zimmerman, talked about his upcoming book on AJAX . Had a discussion on the value of hosting certain plugins available for visual studio into in an AJAX based browser container, we had some interesting discussionon WCF and VNext . Knocked around a game of pool and got chatting with Mateusz about who are the best programmers in the world . According to him it is Polish and he of course is from Poland šŸ™‚ . He had a few arguments to his theory. He is presently planning a new game for kids .

Took a cab ,got back to the hotel and slept off early which is not anormal practice for me .But I think I will have a busy day tomorrow .

None of our BizTalk apps are facing any issue with DST change yet . I do not anticipate much changes with time put forward . It will be interesting to see how they behave when we fall back .


~ by abhilashms on March 12, 2007.

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