Biztalk and EntSSO Issues

Time and again we run into Enterprise SSO issues with Biztalk databases.
If your database team itself is seperate it is little hard to figure out where exactly the problems lie . SSO issues are mostly realted to MSDTC settings .

It is not a common knowledge but there is an SSO configuration and troubleshooting tool . This does not fix any issue but just gives you a report . Get the tool here

Once you run the tool check the DTC settings .

MSDTC Settings:
Network DTC Access is enabled
Xa Transactions is enabled
Network Dtc Access Outbound is enabled
Network Dtc Access Inbound is enabled
Mutual Authentication required

Enterprise Single Sign-On Service:
Service Account: domain\mybtssvc
Account na\btssvc is a member of the following groups
BizTalk Application Users
BizTalk Isolated Host Users
BizTalk Server Administrators
Debugger Users
EDI Subsystem Users
SSO Administrators
SSO Affiliate Administrators
Remote Desktop Users
Service status: Running

Hope that helped some of you .


~ by abhilashms on December 13, 2006.

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