Indian Bloggers Outraged The Indian governement …

Indian Bloggers Outraged

The Indian governement has asked Internet service providers in the state to Ban certain blogs and websites which were spreading communal inharmony and racial intolerance. The ISP’s in the haste to comply to the order blocked all blogsites liek blogspot , type pad . This has caused the wrath of the bloggers community in the country. There were cases filed under Right to Information Act. This also started a big lash out against the governemet. The govt in a knee jerk reaction has came out strongly and said it did not ask ISP’s to block the entrire sites just the subdomains .
The undesired effect in this whole scenario is that mainstream media carried the names of theses sites and everyone I knew were visting these websites to check out the literature having quite the opposite effect that the government wanted. I dont believe the govt should start censoring the net. There will always be such websites and bad apples. The Indian democracy should have faith in the people to know what is right and wrong

Anyway the acess restriction have been removed now and the blogs are once again accesible now.

~ by abhilashms on July 23, 2006.

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