Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Source Safe

After spending quite a bit of time playing with Menus on my Visual Studio 2005 to find the option of “Add my solution to Source control ” that was there in my prev VS version I realized that I had not installed Source control at all . This was weird as I did not remember explicitly unchecking any of the options except VJ# which i thought I was not going to need probably.

I ran setup again chose Add Remove and could not find the installtion Option.
Anyway after a few painful hours I have finally got it to work . This is what I had to do

1. ) Get the VS 2005 CD . Browse to the VSS folder and run Setup .
2. ) You need the first check box in the custom installtion . Everything else is really optional
3.) Install the Visual Source safe client and connect to your existing Sourcesafe Manully
4.) Fire up Studio, and go to Tools > Options > Source Control> Show all settings > Select the current source control plug-in to “Microsoft Visual SourceSafe”

Well I hope that helps some of you atleast ! If it did leave me a note !


~ by abhilashms on July 20, 2006.

3 Responses to “Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Source Safe”

  1. Thanks a lot. Really this helps me a lot.

  2. Thanks, it helped me!

  3. Yo saved my day!
    Thanks a lot!

    PD: damm obfuscated MS people :-/

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