Potluck at Tapan’s House These are the hosts Ta…

Potluck at Tapan’s House

These are the hosts Tapan and Kinjal , Both are the real gujaratis to the core.. and is into stocks… Tapan is a fine cook and loves cooking like me .. ๐Ÿ™‚ . Well Tapan made some mind blowing Pav-bhajii and I have never eaten so much pav bhaji in my life..

This is Vishal , Venu and Swapna’s (below ) Son… He is 8 months old…

That is Manish (French beard ) and Venu with Tapan towering over..

That is Dr Aruna explaining UNO to Niranjan

Tapan with his cocktail of the day . Margaritas !!!

Me and Bini , we are playing Teen Patti . boy I lost miserably.. I was doing well unitl the last round when I pitted my color against a Triple.. Boy I am a sore loser. It always gets me worked up .

But then the food was excellent apart from the Pav-bhajis there was mango ice-cream , gulab jamun , Dhokla, Fried rice,chholey,egg puffs and a lot of other stuff… which I cant rememeber the name..

This is Rajesh…This color really looks good on him . He is our Biztalk Admin and a card shark .

This is Rashi and Manish . Rashi won the most of the money , She beat me with the TRIPLE 10 . Boy i could not believe that hand..

Well all in all it was a fun get together.. I guess we will have more before this winter is over..

~ by abhilashms on January 29, 2006.

5 Responses to “Potluck at Tapan’s House These are the hosts Ta…”

  1. Abhii.. Kinjal made the bhaji..ok? and yes.. we all had great pavbhaji.. and wonderful mango ice cream..mmm.. yummy..

  2. Guys looks like this was one more good gathering with teen paati and pav bhaji.., I could not join you guys… i normally don’t miss such gatherings, but some time need to do sacrifices due to kids health. You guys will understand soon ๐Ÿ™‚ …….
    My family’s first month of the year did not go well due to health, hope we will do few more gatherings in this season…

  3. Hi Abhi and Bini,
    Nice to see the gathering snaps….
    ..job well done with description…and reward for work is always more work so all our gatherings you got more work…..
    Tapan and Kinjal made the evening very lively …
    From my side i am a card shark who doesnt have Shark’s agression to win though will try to do every thing to keep the spirit of the game….the fun, the competition…
    Rashi, did a great bluff job in couple of games…Well we got a player to watch out…
    Thanks every one for making it such a lively evening
    -Rajeshwar Rao Polaty

  4. Hi Abhi,
    Bini is right. Kinjal made those yummmmmmyyy Pav-bhaji. but thats ok …Keep the FIRE burning.
    I am glad that all of you had fun. Enjoy the Gulab Jamun.. boy ..they went like a hot cake.

  5. Hi Abhi,

    Binni is right, those yuuuummy Pav-bhaji was made by Kinjal. But thats ok….keep the FIRE burning. I am glad that all of you had fun that evening. Enjoy the Gulab Jamun….boy …they went like Hot cake.

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